Monday, February 13, 2012

Blog Post #3

educationeducation (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)Technology in Special Education
Technology today has helped change the teaching process in so many ways. Special Education teachers who use technology in the classroom can allow students to interact with each other. Not only can students interact with each but they feel like they are contributing to the class.  While that students are learning new vocabulary words they are also learning how to use the computer or laptops and even how to use different apps.  With the many advancements it is important to include technology in special education classes.  This gives special education students the opportunity to participate in with the learning process.

While watching the video Technology in Special Education, I noticed that some of the students said that they were able to go faster when using there laptops or computers.  One student said that he made his text larger so he can see it better, this made him read faster.  Another student said that the she liked using the keyboard because it didn't take as long.  All of these students seemed to very excited about being able to do there work and keeping up.  I am glad the teacher is implementing a technology base classroom, it makes learning so much fun.

How the iPad Works with Academics for Autism

After going to Apple.Education, I saw several apps that I could use.  I few of them may depend on the age the children.  The I Dress for weather, app teaches them what the weather is like during different seasons.  Children are being taught the different seasons and also learning what to wear during those seasons.  All children need to know that you don't wear sweaters in the summer on bathing suits or swim trunks during the winter.  My favorite app was the ABC Sight Words Writing.  I like this app because it was helping students to read, spell and write.  This was a free app and will down load for later use.

There were several Apps that could be used in the classroom. With so many choices it would be really hard for a teacher to narrow down.  In order to choose which one of the apps to use in the classroom, a teacher would have to find out what criteria or standards need to be met.  Some of these apps would be good for parents to use at home to help enhance what the teacher has taught through out the day.

Social Media Count
When I viewed on the Social Media Count and saw how fast the numbers were going up, I had to back out of it and look at again.  The number of people that use facebook per second is unbelievable. Facebook numbers where so high I had to see if these numbers were really real.  Since they were so high I thought the numbers were from the past.  i just couldn't believe that the numbers were increasing by the second.

With there being so many Social networks available now, what will we be using in 2022 & 2032.  The networking system has already changed the way people do things.  Most people use SMS or facebok to communicate.  I often wonder if teachers will start teaching students how to socially communicate.  Right now I find myself asking what something stands for in a text.  Will social networking have its on class in the education system?

A Vision For Students Today
This was a very meaningful video.  No voices just words.  A Vision For Students Today, expressed how the students felt about the things that were going on around them.  Each student had a voice but by using words only.  This is a good message to get across to other people.


  1. Lateria,

    Be sure to add alt and title modifiers to all of your blog post pictures. Refer to page 13 in the Project Section of the Instruction Manual for instructions on how to do this. Also, be sure to proof read your blog post before publishing. I found a few grammar errors. Otherwise, this was a good post and it sounds like you found it very interesting!

  2. Lateria,
    I also believe that technology should be used in the classroom. After watching the "Technology in Special Education" video, I was amazed. Special Education students have to be more of a challenge to teach. I am sure it takes a special person to teach these students; but with the use of technology, special education students are able to learn faster and participate in class room activities as a whole. Technology has become a very useful resource for the classroom. The other video I found to make a very important point was "A Vision For Students Today". This semester, I bought two out of the seven "required" textbooks for my classes. I am tired of spending money on books that I do not ever open! I think that more university presidents and professors should watch this movie. It is taking our point of view as a student and expressing them. We as students usually do not have a voice in a classroom and I think that if teachers would listen to us, we will all benefit as a whole.

  3. Lateria, I loved your take on these videos. I believe technology should be incorporated into the classrooms as well, but in moderation. We don't need to take away from the personalization of the human teacher, but there are definite advantages in putting technology in the mix. By the way, I think your background is really neat! Love the colors.
    Diane Boudreau