Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Blog Post 1

I was born and raised here in Mobile, Al.  I am the oldest of three girls.  I have two children, a seventeen year old daughter who is a junior at Leflore High School, and a seven year old son that is a second grader at Dickson Elementary School.  Besides being a student at South Alabama I am also employed fulltime at ST. Aerospace Mobile (an aircraft repair station) where I have been for the past 11 years.  For the last 3 years I have been a purchasing agent procuring aircraft parts.  I love spending time with my family.  I like taking and planning our vacations together. 

I love being around children, it has always been my passion to teach them.  It saddens me when I see children that want to learn but don’t have the teacher with proper training to teach.  Children are always asking questions and I want to be able to give those answers to them the correct way.  I have been working on this journey of getting my Bachelor of Science degree since 2005.  There have been a few obstacles that have slowed me down but I am still pushing to the end.  I must admit that I have signed up for this class at least three times and I every time I receive the message from Dr. Strange I said, “I am not taking that class.”  Well I’m here now and ready to take this challenge. 

Randy Pausch
I have never heard of Randy Pausch until I watched this video.  However I did see other videos about him that I will try and watch later.  Randy has given me a few pointers that I need to adhere to fast in order to past this class.  Number one I will be getting a planner just for this class that I can pull out for quick viewing. Secondly, I will start creating To Do Lists of what is priority for that day instead of the whole week or weeks at a time maybe this will be a little less confusing.   Dr. Strange should add Randy’s, Goals, Priorities, and Planning steps to his Rules of Success for EDM310.

Time Management
I did look at the time management exercises; I did see few areas I will need help with.  I do have a problem with time when I am working on something that takes longer than I thought it should have.  I will be viewing the exercises and lessons in depth to correct all the problem areas.